I Still Love Basket Mouth And He Will Always Be My Guy!!! Cool FM Freeze

Like the popular saying, there is no smoke without fire, we remember days back that cool fm freeze sack was connected to the throwback picture of him and basket mouth's wife he posted on his social media page, Even though he denied it has nothing to do with his sack, he recently had a chat with pulse ng stating Basket Mouth is still his guy and he still loves him no matter their misunderstanding. Lots of his fans are insinuating if coming out publicly to say this was a way of publicly apologizing to Basket mouth indirectly for his actions or the conditions that was set for him for a new offer on his table. Well, time will reveal the real reason why he is taking this path.

He said;

I remember when he was driving a Jetta and I was driving a golf. I am talking about 20-year-old cars basically.He is an amazing talent I must say and I watched that talent grow from a seed into a forest that it is right now

Also, I have to give it to him he was part of my story. He encouraged when there wasn’t much encouragement. So I hate to hear all the stories that I am hearing about me and him.

Unfortunately, if you come after me I will come after you. I am reactive, with him, I am reactive, with most things too I am reactive. I am not pro-active but just know that for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. As long as he keeps…I mean you saw the shade the other day. Like really? But he is my guy, he is a great guy and I love him to death.


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