How I Waited Till After Our Wedding To Make Love With Mylife

A man who just newly got married has revealed the greatest shock of his life, He said" I waited till after our wedding before I can have s*x with my wife only to find out that my wife is already 3 months pregnant with another man's baby". He is currently in a confused state of mind and imagines how his newly wedded wife could do such a thing to him.
As much as we might want to try and understand the woman, no excuse from her is acceptable as she should have told him the truth rather than luring him onto getting married to her. It is obvious that she slept with another man before they got married and most likely might be the Ex as most ladies are fond of giving their Ex one last s*x before they finally get married to their man as a sign of peacefully breaking up with their Ex. If you were the man, what will you do next? Please drop your comments as you read.


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