I Masturbate Atleast Once A Day!!! Amber Rose

During her TV show Amber Rose shocked most of her fans with her revelations. She said;

‘I feel like I’m just such a nerd in the bedroom.’people are shocked ‘even when I say I don’t have casual sex.’‘People really think that I have orgies all day and I do, like, these crazy sex acts - I’m really just a normal girl,’I masturbate all the time. I masturbate at least once a day,’ adding with a proud smile: ‘That’s why my skin looks so flawless.’

She also revealed that Men are so scared of him, she said;

‘Men are so scared of me,I literally will go out on a date, and a guy's like this,’ she said, holding up a trembling hand.They're f**king scared of me — they're terrified of me.’

She added: ‘You know what guys say to me? "What can I do for you that you can't do for yourself?” And I'm like, “If you go to the store and get a $1.50 card and write something nice in it, I would appreciate that.”’


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