Cool FM Freeze Reveals Why He Was Sacked

It will be recalled that on the 28th of this month there was rumours that Cool FM Freeze was sacked by his boss over the throwback picture of him and basket mouth's wife he posted on his social media page; he has finally decided to clear the air and reveal the real reason why he was sacked. He said;

“Cool FM might look like entertainment but it is a corporate organisation, and there are times when my boss will disagree with me. But I don’t see my boss as a boss. My boss is my father.” Even though he enjoys discussing other people's affair in public using his platform, does want his sack to be debated by the public saying that his sack his sack ‘was not a business of the world’.

“This is my first post-school job. I came here when I was 25, I am 40 years old now. I have been here 15 years! We are a family. some blogger called me up first thing on Saturday morning and I was like look we have internal issue. t’s not the business of the world. If there is an issue I will come out with an official statement. I cannot be without a job and still be acting like I have a job.Let there be an official statement to it.”

Finally, he said; “This is my brand, this is the brand I am loyal to. Anyway guys everything is just cool.”


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