Blac Chyna Goes Naked For Elle Magazine

Blac Chyna who is currently pregnant for the Kardashians revealed for Elle Magazine how she dropped out of college to go into stripping. She said; I was falling asleep all the time in class,It wasn't working out for me."My mom used to be a stripper," Chyna says, "so she was like, if this is what you want to do, be the best at it."

When asked about her and her ex-Love Tyga, she said;

"When you don't want to be in a relationship with somebody anymore, you don't give a fuck what they're doing," "I was just like, 'thank God I'm out of that situation.' And honestly, it was the best thing that I could've done, because my life has changed so much for the better."

When asked what she feels about Rob, she said;

When I linked up with Rob, he was at a point where nobody could really help him,"But I'm the type of person that likes to motivate my friends and help them figure out how they can do better. That's how we really started off.""When I'm around Rob, I'm never all up in his business, asking questions. I let him be himself and relax," she says. "I'm not a therapist. If he opens up, and I say the wrong thing, he may shut me out. Sometimes it's just best to let people talk about it and get it off their chest. That's how I've been carrying the situation with me and Rob, and so far it's worked out."


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