Patience Ozokwor Passionate About Her New Found Love

It’s no news that veteran actress recently turned a new leaf with her new found love in Christ. In a chat with Encomium Magazine, she explained why she also stopped wearing trousers. She said;

Yes, I don’t wear trousers again. No more weave on, no more make up. Naturally, I am not a make up person. You see me in make up when I am in the movie. That has been my nature. Even if I make up, I like it light, except it was made by somebody else for an occasion.Christ told me to put off certain things because they don’t please Him. I have to obey Him. I heard directly from Him, nobody told me that. Christ told me that wearing trousers brings out women’s sensitive features. When we wear trousers, we make men desire us and make them fall into sin. I put up a lot of argument about it before I could obey.


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