I Am Not Threatened By His New Status!!!!! Imelda J

Imelda J who was romantically involved with Dbanj has finally breaking silence saying that she isn’t threatened by Dbanj’s new marital status. Dbanj got married secretly to his half cast love Didi Kilglow thereby leaving Imelda still single and dashing her hope of being Mrs Dbanj.  Even though Dbanj still denies the whole story saying it’s all a figment of reporter’s imagination, Imelda insist that it is true.

In a chat with daily post, She said; “I don’t feel threatened by the rumors. I know myself and Bangalee (DBanj) knows himself too. We all know our stands. But for now, I will reserve my comment until the coast gets clearer for everyone to see. No shaking at all.”

When asked if in essense she was also refuting the marriage rumours, she said, “You really want to hear the koko from me. Wait for the Kokomaster. When he is done teasing the world, he will tell you the koko.

“Like I said earlier, you already know the answer. But then, marriage or no marriage, does it really matter to me? It doesn’t matter to me at all. I am not threatened. Personally, if it were to be true, why would I feel bad? Not at all. Does that change anything?”


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