Used Panties Now Cost More Than New Panties In Japan As Teachers Now Checks Underwear Of School Girls

The culture now in japan is really attracting attentions for itself; school teachers now check the undees of school girls as it has been revealed that men in japan are great fans of used female underwear’s. They seem to like the smell and the ones worn by school girls are the most popular. 

There are companies in japan that sell the used panties packed up in special boxes displaying the pictures of girls that wore them on it. The business is now a lucrative one in the country.
As a result of it now becoming a lucrative business, most school girls now sell their used panties to these men in a bid to make money for themselves and this prompted the school teachers to be checking their panties.

Well, the school girls are so smart that they now come to school with extra panties to replace the used one they sold. Lol


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