Blac Chyna's Father Gives Rob Kardashian His Blessing

Well when pikin future don over bright Papa go standup tall say him dey proud of him pikin. Blac Chyna's father finally speaks for the first time about his daughter. Eric Holland who spoke with Daily Mail Oniline, revealed how happy he was about his daughter's engagement to Rob Kardashian.

'Oh yeah I'm happy of course - she knows that,''As soon as I found out I was all happy for her - they're having a baby and everything - she's got my blessings.'I met Rob he seems like a nice man - he was nice with me and everything so I'm happy for her.''I don't think that all this has hit her by surprise,' he added. 'She was always a little different you know - I always knew that she was gonna end up somewhere'.

She liked change she never liked to stay the same. She was always doing something different and wanted to achieve things - she was this way since she was 13 or 14 years old.

She's still in touch with all her family she's never forgotten her roots.''People might think that she is from a broken home but I know that's not true. I always told her it's not how you start - it's how you finish.'That's the most important part of life, you know. We all have our ups and downs but it's how you deal with them.


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