We Taught Only Death Could Separate Oritsefemi And Blessing.

Blessing Rawa must be going throught lot of emotional trauma as her life time dream of finally being the Queen of Oritsefemi's heart has been shattered, Reports has it that Oritsefemi has finally dumped the lady who toiled with him for five years through the dungeons of Ajegunle when the going as very rough for him, He is said to have giving his heart to a new found Love whom he has found worthy to share his glorious moments with. An insider told sun that that are in shock as everyone taught that only death could separate Oritsefemi and Blessing.
 “We are still in shock. Orit­sefemi and Bless­ing were like the perfect couple. How he could break up with Blessing after many years of being together over a mere incidence of Instagram account hacking still beats me hollow. Only recently, there was talk that they were planning to get married and then the break up came..
“Adasounds’ frequent visits to his house actually precipitated their break up. Oritse­femi tried to deny it all but Blessing knew the game was up and so she has moved on after Oritsefemi accused her of hacking his Instagram account. As soon as the coast was clear, Adasounds moved in with bags and baggage.
“Both Oritsefemi and Adasounds are always spotted together at popular hang­outs in Lekki with Oritsefemi splashing expensive gifts on her, including plans for a vacation in Dubai. There is no gain say­ing it, Oritsefemi is head-over heels in love with Adasounds and there are rumours that he might be traveling to her village in the east to consummate the relationship with a traditional wedding anytime soon,” the source added.
After Oritsefemi parted ways with Bless­ing, he issued a press statement to that effect. However, Blessing in her own statement had denied the ac­cusation, saying she never hacked into Oritsefemi’s Instagram’s account.'


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