Is Anita Solomon Truly Pregnant For Maje?

Only time reveals so many, time has unlocked so many secrets hidden by Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida.Toke was  in a relationship with Maje for 12 years before they got married while rumors has it that Maje and Anita were in a relationship for 8 years during this periods. Sources revealed that Anita Solomon ( ex girl friend of Maje Ayida) is now pregnant for Maje and Anita is currently in UK where she intends to deliver the baby. Could it be that his heart was never with Toke Makinwa? Could it be that the surprise wedding in 2014 when everybody taught that they were about splitting up was just an arrangement?
 Lots of questions on the lips of so many of her fans and everyone is hoping she will clear the air.But many people are blasting Toke saying that she claims to know it all when it comes to relationship,what happened to a whole whooping 12yrs since she knows it all.Or could this be a way of being more famous?


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