You Dont Need To Remove Your Clothes Before You Act Like A Prostitute !!! Sola Sobawole

As lots of actress do whatever it takes to get spots in the movie industry and also wear revealing clothes while acting so as to market themselves, Nollywood Veteran actress Sola sobawole hits hard on lady's going nude in the name of acting. She told Vanguard that lot of Nollywood actress needs to be educated and exposed. She said;
 I don’t get annoyed, the bottom line is this; nobody forces you to do anything. We need education and we need exposure. I’m a typical Nigerian woman, I love my Naija and our culture; there are some things we don’t do, it’s not in our culture. If we say we want to do it, we can do it in our house under our roof not in public because you get no respect doing that. Our producers and directors need to know that when you are acting as a prostitute, you don’t need to remove your dress to become a prostitute. You don’t need to be touched to act as a grade A prostitute. I did Asewo to Re Mecca, the pace setter, fantastic; myself and Toyin Adegbola. I played the number 1 Asewo and I introduced Toyin’s character to it. We didn’t remove anything and it was talk of the town. When the producers know this, you will not see nakedness again. We should want people to respect us and respect this profession.


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