You Always Be Loved !!!! Chidi Mokeme

The Love Chidi Mokeme showers o his lovey wife is really admiring, The Nollywood actor bought a New Range Rover Sport for his wife to mark the birth of their son. He said that his lovely wife will always be loved. He said;
You may be treated like the maid, You may be treated like the gardener, You may be treated like the Day Care, You may be treated like the Chauffeur, You may be treated like many things, But One Thing is for sure, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE LOVED! All that I have, All that I am, All that I hope to be, will be incomplete without YOU! So this is for all the times that I forgot to say THANK YOU! You and our prince deserve to ride in Style! #PushPresent #SuperCharged #Wife #Mum #Boo #OtherHalf #RideOrDie #LoveYouForeverAndADay

@chidimokeme You, My Love, are two divine gifts in one. The gift that I want and the gift that I'm supposed to be with. A true gift from above. How Blessed can one man be? Today I honor you for all that you have given, all that you have done, all that you are. On this Special day, I hope this token on wheels will remind you just how SuperCharged a wife and mum you are! #PushPresent #RangeRover #SuperCharged


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