What A Beautiful God !!!! Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa could help it but loudly praise God for answering her prayers, she took to her social media page to recount all God has been doing for her and how he has answered her long term prayers. She also reveals to her fans on how best to communicate with God.  She said;I can't complain, GOD has been good to me. Last night I broke down in tears, it hit me that all I used to pray for, so many things I had on my prayer list, he has done. The beauty about God is he is not w noise maker; he does and over does and keeps doing. You have to shut yourself away from the word sometimes to take stock of your life. When you do, you realize suddenly your prayer list has gotten shorter and shorter, he did it, while I slept he did it. #Blessed 
 Toke, our ears are itching to her the testimony ooooo


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