Sean Diddy And Girlfriend Cssie Pose For Sean John's Ad

Sean Diddy and his girlfriend cassie all loved up as they pose for Sean john's latest unisex perfume advert. The advert is sure an erotic one and Diddy has this to say during an appearance on Ellen show;
It’s an interesting story. My girlfriend, she’s a model and she’s also a recording artist. And I had casted someone for the commercial and the commercial has these intense-type of love scenes. When I saw who I casted for the commercial, it wasn’t as natural as it would be if it was somebody that I really had an affection for and also someone that I had made love to before.
So basically, a light goes off in my head. It’s two hours before the commercial. I said, ‘I need to call my girlfriend, she needs to be in the commercial. She’s a model, one of the most beautiful women in the world.’ So I called her. And this is just us doing the photoshoot. but’s really for the campaign [for new fragrance].


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