Neal Farinah Reveals Cause Of Beyoncé Late Arrival To MET Gala

There was lots of tension everywhere when Beyoncé arrived hours late to the MET Gala event, lots of people believed she came in late on purpose so that she can have all the attention to herself as she was the only one standing on the red carpet when she arrived.
Her hair stylist has today revealed to US Weekly why she came in late for the event, we had to change her hair style from Asian hair style into something less costume.
Neal Farinah said;
For the Met Ball we did that high ponytail but that wasn't supposed to be the style,"

"We did that in the elevator as she was on the way out." We were in the elevator on the way down, and she looks at me and says "Neal, I want to change my hair, will you change my hair?"'
 And I said, "Honey, there could be cameras in the elevator,"'referring to last year's Met ball incident with Solange
She says,
'You have 5 minutes.' And I said, 'Girl, what do you want me to do with the hair?' And she wanted a high ponytail. With Beyonce, she looks at herself and she says, 'This isn't right, let's change it.'"

 "Just like everything else we do we come up with a concept and then we present it to Beyonce,""She is a powerhouse and she knows what she wants. I have to pay her a compliment. Beyonce takes us all out of our comfort zone, and she pushes us to be the most artistic we can be with her.


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