I Would Only Allow Him Weekend Visitations, Blac Chyna Wants Full Custody Of Baby

Blac Chyna has finally perched her tent where it fits her best as she has voiced out that she wants custody of her son. This must be related to the issues between Tyga's family and her Mum.
TMZ revealed that sources close to blac Chyna says she has seeked the assistance of a highly rated divorce lawyer to help her get full custody of her son. She said that despite claims by her of not wanting baby Cairo going from home to home, she also has a problem with Tyga going out with a minor ( Kylie Jenner) and does not want kylie hovering round her baby as she believes that kylie isnt matured enough yet.
 Tyga would now be regretting why he didn't get full custody of their baby when he wanted it during the early days of their separation. Now Blac Chyna is only willing to give him weekend visitation while what they have always enjoyed was joint custody. 


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