How Will I Be Sleeping With My Maid !!!! Fashanu

Adaeze Yobo's Mother, Abigail is going through the roughest moments in her marotal life as she has been accused by Her husband Fashanu of trying to kill him with a knife.
 While speaking with Daily Trust, Fashanu revealed that that he has been molested physically and verbally by his so called wife and he feels its time to put an end to his 3 year old marriage. He said that he has filled for a divorce in an Abuja High Court Jabi as he can no longer cope with her volatility. Despite claims by Abigail that Fashonu is dubious and a cheat, having caught him in bed with 2 women including their house maid, Fashanu responded by saying that
"on that particular day he was away in Columbia where he had accompanied Prophet TB Joshua for a trip.
“The trip is well documented for people to see. And if truly I was sleeping with my maid then she is not doing her job. But, how can I? When by my position I can afford any in the world if I want. I need her to answer one question, she claims she caught me with two women in bed, where in my house or in her house?”
 “I don’t really know how I got myself into this trouble. Her financial demand was too high and I sweat so much to please her. She is a Barrister but she has refused to practice. She practically lives off me, and anytime I fail to meet up with her demand she rains brimstone and fire on me. Since we got married she decided to stay separately, which I obliged and have been paying for the place. It is not supposed to be so; a responsible wife must seek to stay with her husband. I am asking for divorce on the ground of unruly behaviour, marriage break down, adultery, violence, rudeness and theft”.


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