How My Death Rumor Made Me Popular !!!! Angela Okorie

They say every disappointment is a blessing in disguise but i don’t see how the rumor of Angela Okorie's death was a blessing for her even though she feels the rumor made her more popular. She told Sunday sun,

Yes I have. The thing is that sponsors of such do not realize that such evil campaigns usually turn out a publicity campaign for their victims. I was actually working on set when they started that rumor and suddenly my phone line became inundated with calls. A lot of people were crying and raising concern. And I told them that I was alive and kicking. That death-rumor incident made me to realize how much people loved me. It even made me more popular. The evil peddlers had only added many more years to my life. So, I don’t care about what people say about me.
When asked about her husband, she said

I always try to keep my home and my profession apart. But I can confirm to you that my husband loves me and understands me so much. And that is what matters most to me


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