Could This Be True? Kim Kardashian spent over £13,000 on body beauty treatments

MET Gala event has come and gone but the memories of the day is still alive in the minds of so many. Glamour SA, just revealed that Kim Kardashian in a bid to steal every moment of the day spent over £13,000 on body beauty treatments.
“Kim was determined to steal the show with her body. She splashed out almost £13,000 on cellulite-busting treatments, bottom-boosting injections and facials.
“She usually visits her dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer every couple of weeks, but in the run-up to the Met Gala she was going daily. She had a £600 enzyme facial, a £500 chemical peel, intensive collagen facials setting her back £1,000 and she spent over £1,300 on fillers and injectables.
“That was all in addition to the last-minute bum-boosting injections performed by her plastic surgeon at £380 a go, cellulite-busting infra-red treatments and a £3,235 course of body contouring treatments to firm up her bottom. It added up to a whopping £13k!”“Kim was intent on outshining everyone at the Met Ball.She even instructed her designer to remove some of the diamantes off her dress so she could bare as much flesh as possible.”
Wow, that is equivalent to 3 million naira spent for just some hours event.


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